Success Stories

"I could sleep peacefully through the night"

"Thanks to Cadi Wireless Thermometer, I no longer have to worry and fear in office when my son is running a fever at home.

As a full-time working mother, I have to rely on the maid to monitor the fever while I was in office. Inaccurate temperature taking and the lack of frequent monitoring were always the constant worries on my mind. I have to call the maid every 15 mins for updates and my boy will get cranky whenever thermometer was placed into his ear for temperature. I also have to wake up hourly in the night to take his temperature. This is especially difficult and tedious for working mothers. 

Two months ago, my boy was down with Bronchiolitis and ran a fever for days. With this wireless thermometer, I can now monitor my son's fever closely on my office PC. Even when I was out for meetings, I could use my handphone to for monitoring. Best of all, I could sleep peacefully for the night. The web application will monitor the temperature throughout the night and alert me if there temperature gets too high. Thanks! You make life easier for us."

 Mrs Wong, mother of Derui, 2 years old


"When I am not with my son, I am with my iPhone ..."

 "I took my toddler to see Dr Teo at Baby Bear Clinic because my boy had high fever and his medicine had finished.

In the clinic, I noticed a tablet that advertised a device for monitoring fever but I didn't stay to watch the video. I was too busy looking out for my toddler who is on exploring mood. I didn't think I need to either as I think it's complicated and troublesome, my toddler sure does not need this new toy.

It is true, my toddler does not need it. I need it. My husband needs it. My in laws need it.  
It is to help my husband and I know how our son is doing when we are both working and he's home with his grandparents. 
It is to alert us when his fever gets too high while we are sleeping. It is tiring to wake up every hour and still goes to work the next morning.

When I am not with my son, I am with my iPhone and it doesn't take more than 5 seconds to know his temperature. 
I have told my friends about the benefits and I sincerely hope all mothers and fathers can have a chance to benefit from this Wireless Thermometer too. 
Thanks to the team who made it possible for us to have a better night of sleep too!"
Mdm Choo, mother of Zhen Rong, 1 year old

"A Modern Health care for a modern dad"

"A modern health care for a modern dad….  I really love this new wireless temperature monitoring system from Cadi, as it gives me a chance to nurse my sick son. Previously during those primitive ages of Digital Thermometer and Mercury-type thermometer, I always ask my wife or even wake her up in wee hour to take the temperature of our sick baby, as I was afraid to do it by myself fearing that I can disturb my baby’s rest but now with just one Click on my iPhone I can already know if my son’s fever is getting better or not. 

Mr Jojo, father of Jan Yves, 4 years old


  :"We showed the trend of fever to the doctor ...easily assessed condition"

The good thing I liked most it is the monitoring system. When my son used it, we showed to doctor the trend of the fever for the past 24 hours and he easily assessed my son's condition. it is really great and reliable."

Raymond and Mimay, parents of AJ, 7 years old