The Next Generation Thermometer



Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer is the next generation thermometry that revolutionizes the way temperature is measured. Cadi.Sense allows parents to take their child's temperature automatically and continuously, without disturbing their rest, by simply securing the Cadi.Sense temperature sensor on the child's lower abdomen. With Cadi.Sense, parents can easily monitor their child’s fever and recovery progress, either onsite or remotely.
It's about never disturbing your child's rest
Whether your child is playing in the play pen or sleeping in a cradle or watching his/her favorite cartoon or even studying at his/her desk, you will be able to monitor his/her fever continuously without him/her knowing it.   


It’s about peace of mind
Cadi.Sense provides the child’s continuous temperature trend via a web application or mobile application on the iPhone, iPad, or any WiFi enabled mobile devices or computer.



Clinically Accurate
The ThermoSensor has been cleared by FDA and bears the CE mark. For more information on clinical accuracy, please refer to the clinical study paper “Evaluation of the Cadi ThermoSENSOR Wireless Skin-Contact Thermometer Against Ear and Axillary Temperatures in Children” . This clinical study was carried out at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore.

The ThermoSensor can be comfortably secured on your child’s abdomen using the Cadi Stick-On, a comfortable and hypoallergenic cloth adhesive dressing.  This dressing meets the requirements of the ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10 international standards with respect to biocompatibility.


Why Cadi.Sense?




For the child:
Better rest and faster recovery
Babies and young children are usually fretful when they are sick.  They are uncomfortable, tired and weak.  Hence, the last thing they wanted is to have a thermometer coming their way repeatedly and regularly especially when their temperature is high.  With Cadi.Sense, your child will have his/her much needed rest, reduced stress and will naturally recover faster.

For mum & caregiver:
Reduced stress and save time
Cadi.Sense helps to measure the child’s temperature continuously, hence eliminating the need for busy mums or caregivers to take the sick child’s temperature manually and repeatedly. In addition to saving a significant amount of time and effort, it reduces stress on the mum or caregiver while giving more consistent and accurate reading.

For working mum & dad:
Peace of mind anytime anywhere
Cadi.Sense provides real-time fever sound alerts to your mobile devices or computers. Parents can easily monitor the child’s fever in a different room or from a remote location.

For the doctor:
Better diagnosis and treatment

Cadi.Sense provides a consistent and continuous temperature chart, which is recorded and plotted automatically. Parents can now show the temperature chart to their doctor to allow doctors to visualize how the patient’s fever has progressed. Having more accurate information about the patient in turn leads to better diagnosis and treatment.

For the family:
Bonus! Cadi.Sense extends WiFi coverage in your home too
Cadi.Sense includes a light and user-friendly Cadi SmartNode Plug, which is inserted into any power point. This receives temperature readings from the Cadi ThermoSensor and transmits it to any WiFi-enabled mobile or computer device. The Cadi SmartNode was developed in collaboration with Aztech Group, based on the Aztech Wireless Extender. As such, it is also able to extend the WiFi coverage within the home.




How does Cadi.Sense compare to other thermometers?

  Cadi.Sense Ear Thermometer Underarm Thermometer
Doesn't disturb child's rest
Real-time Alerts
Continuous temperature monitoring
Monitor on mobile devices/computers
Clinical accuracy

How do I use it?

Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer is easy to use.  

Step 1:  Stick on the ThermoSensor
Step 2: Plug in the SmartNode
Step 3: Use any WiFi enabled device to connect to SmartNode SSID and open your browser "".

What's Inside?


Package Contents: 

The Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer comes complete with

- 1 unit of ThermorSensor, 
- 1 unit of SmartNode
- 30 pcs of Stick-Ons
- LAN connection cable (need not be used)

- Quick Start Guide 

- Cadi.Sense web application 
- Login account for access to